Shooting in film (mostly 35mm Film) has taught a lot about my intentions as a photographer. Although It’s become an expensive passion, it made me more patient with my shot selection. The results are far beyond rewarding after seeing the development finish, that’s why I’ve been staying at it.

2d vs. 3d


SLR and Point & Shoot

Back to the basics, how the photographers before us did it. Manual focus, Metering, Hoping the photo comes out correct because there’s no ‘Delete’ button (this is the risk you take with film). Point and shoot is for the quick stuff, sometimes shooting with SLR can slow down my process so I use it for mostly events and travel.



3d Photos have become one of my favorite ways of shooting film, I’ve used this for a lot of videos or just by itself. Keep an eye on what the focal point of what the clip is revolving around. Even though making these are a long process in itself, the result makes it worth doing every time. Maybe you’ll will be a part of this process one day.