My brother and my two cousins. This was the first time we were on a trip without our parents, and I can say it was one to remember. Although we didn't go to Disney or Universal, the sights, food, and Dave and Buster's was enough to bring a lot of fun out of us. Instead of the plane, we took on the road for 10 hours to get from Prairieville, Louisiana to Orlando, Florida. One of my favorite spots we went to on this trip was Oshio, a Korean BBQ restaurant with all the great taste (I would have taken a picture, but I was hungry AF). Universal City Walk was probably the only place that I found I had photo ops. I honestly didn't take to many photos during this trip because I needed some time to relax and bring my life back to harmony. As I'm heading back now, the next day I'll be preparing to go to Austin, Texas, so I definitely have more photos to take over there. 

Adam Vo